Best Newcomers 2016

Marion and Erin Cahill were awarded our best newcomers award at The Virtue Taekwon-Do, 4th annual Red Carpet Dinner, Dance and Presentation Evening, at the Bromley Court Hotel on Saturday 12th November.


This is the speech given describing these two??.Marion & Erin are a great asset to Virtue TKD, they both train hard and seem to be naturally talented, they are exceptional beginners, and we believe will turn their white belts too black???as a black belt is a white belt who never gave up.


Shortly after presenting them with this award, on 26th November, Marion and Erin graded. Marion was promoted to yellow belt 8th kup and Erin to yellow tag 9th kup, then on 15th December, due to her determination to catch her mum up, Erin graded and was also promoted to yellow belt 8th kup.

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